2018 Conference



This conference focused on the future of whale, dolphin and porpoise conservation and the next generation of experts working to protect them.  

Activities included: speaker sessions with world-renowned experts, book signings, whale film screening with the featured anatomist and the film's Director via Skype, a poster session including a student research poster contest, student career workshop with scientists, a photography contest, a silent auction, vendor exhibits, and much more! We also held our traditional pre-conference all-day whale watching trip on Friday, November 2nd, and ventured out into the rich southern California waters between Catalina Island and Orange County.


Speakers & Special Guests

Bernd Würsig, Texas A&M University

Denise HerzingWild Dolphin Project

Ari FriedlaenderUniversity of California-Santa Cruz

Janet Mann, Georgetown University

Thomas JeffersonClymene Enterprises

Jeremy Goldbogen, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University

Kate StaffordUniversity of Washington - Applied Physics Lab

John CalambokidisCascadia Research Collective

Joy ReidenbergIcahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai

Brandon SouthallSouthall Environmental Associates Inc, UCSC

Marc WebberGolden Gate Cetacean Research

Brooke Bessesen, Naturalist, Author 

Shane GeroDominica Sperm Whale Project

Alisa Schulman-JanigerACS/LA Gray Whale Census

Tom MustillBBC Production

Ted Cheeseman, Happy Whale & Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris

Guiseppe Notarbartolo di SciaraTethys Research Institute, Italy

Dara OrbachDalhousie University

Chris Parsons, George Mason University

Sabena Siddiqui, American Cetacean Society

Zak Smith, NRDC

Heirs To Our Oceans

Aeon for Ocean

Sena Wazer





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Whale Watch

Poster Session & Student Contest

Photography Contest

Silent Auction