Whale Watch

Spyhopping gray whale calf, by ACS naturalist/photographer Kristin Campell


Our whale watch is currently SOLD OUT! Thank you all who have registered!!



Kick off your whale-filled weekend by joining your fellow conference attendees for an all day whale watch with Davey's Locker!  We will board the Ocean Explorer to voyage the exciting offshore waters of Southern California on Friday November 2nd, 2018 from 8am to 4pm. During this all-day adventure we will explore the rich biodiversity of the waters between Orange County and Catalina Island. Possible species we might encounter include blue, fin, humpback, and minke whales, Risso’s, common and bottlenose dolphins. California sea lions, harbor seals, a variety of gull species, brown pelicans and cormorants may also be seen throughout the trip. 



Whale watch tickets include transportation to and from the hotel and a boxed lunch.

The Ocean Explorer has a full bar and lounge as well as other beverages and snacks for sale.

Restrooms will be available on board.

Transportation from the hotel and back via bus will be provided.

**For those who wish to drive themselves, remember that you must be at Davey's Locker by 7:15am**

Ocean Explorer
What to bring?
-Dress warmly and in layers (the ocean environment is always cooler)
-Light jacket or windbreaker (colder mornings and evenings in the Fall)
-Hat or visor
-Comfortable soft-soled shoes
-Motion sickness medication
-Cash for light snacks and drinks

Trip Preparation 

  • Location: 400 Main Street, Newport Beach, California 92661     (949) 673-1434
  • Parking:  
  • -You can park at the Balboa Pier Municipal Lot which is a large outdoor lot located on Palm Street. When driving down Balboa Blvd toward the whale watch office, make a right turn onto Palm St. Once parked, walk to the base of the pier and turn your back to it. Walk away fromthe pier straight down Main St. We are located in the Balboa Pavilion building next to the Harborside Restaurant and Grand Ballroom. 
  • -Another option is the Newport Landing Parking Structure located at the corner of E. Bay Ave. and Adams street. You should see signs for Newport Landing Restaurant and Newport Landing Sport fishing. 
  • To Wear: Bring layers since it is always cooler on the ocean than it is on land.  
  • Seasickness: We do not go out if the seas are extreme or there is a storm. However, we will be on the ocean so there is always a chance for swell and choppy waves. The waters we will be traveling in are protected from Catalina Island and Palos Verde Peninsula so conditions are typically calm. If you are prone t seasickness take seasickness medication, Bonine or Dramamine AT LEAST 1 hour before you board the vessel.  It is suggested to take the motion sickness pill the night before your trip and then one more pill when you wake up in the morning, this has worked well for some. Seasick medication is recommended as a precaution if you have little boating experience. You can pick up over-the-counter medicine at any drug store and also at the whale watch office. Sea-Bands are knitted elasticated wrist bands that have been effective for some people at preventing seasickness. The bands apply pressure on acupressure points on each wrist. This is a drug free and side effect free option that may work and are suitable for children and adults. Ginger chews and candy can be helpful as well for some people suffering from nausea.