The student coalition is the student arm of the American Cetacean Society (ACS), the world’s oldest whale conservation organization.  


The ACS Student Coalition (ACSSC) is a community of future researchers, policy makers, conservationists, and enthusiasts committed to bettering the marine environment and lives of cetaceans. The Coalition provides students with an opportunity to feel inspired, engaged, and empowered among an active community through a web of regional student groups across the country.  What started as a marine conservation group at Indiana University founded by Sabena Siddiqui, has now grown into a network of campus groups linked through their shared passion for cetaceans and conservation. Through local directed action informed by science, ACS student groups act as forums where students can learn more about cetaceans and their marine environment and carry out the most effective, research-based responses to the perils that cetaceans and their home face.

The coalition operates under the core values of intersectional environmentalism which is an inclusive form of environmentalism that advocates both for the protection of people and the planet. We recognize that all aspects of humanity are inextricably linked to the well being of our plant, and advocates for both human justice and conservation of our natural environment and its inhabitants. The Coalition works to provide students of all skill sets and backgrounds with support and access to a community of other young professionals, experts in the field, and with the full support of the American Cetacean Society.




Working to Protect Cetaceans and their Habitats

The ACS student coalition's activities and campaigns cover an array of topics related to ocean health and marine conservation in addition to cetacean focused ones. Cetaceans are credited with igniting the spark that led to the world's first global environmental movement, which first began as the "Save the Whales" movement. Whales and dolphins are an iconic ‘umbrella’ species. Cetaceans are charismatic and hold significant cultural value and as a consequence, they help inspire people to consider other marine conservation matters. These other equally important issues include the destruction of other ecologically important species, ocean acidification, marine plastics pollution, fishing, etc., are at the heart of the ACS student coalition. In a way, cetaceans are a 'gateway species' that get us hooked on marine conservation!  







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