ACS conferences provide a unique and energizing forum whereby concerned citizens and ACS members can directly participate in an eclectic and enlightened gathering of scientists, policy makers, conservation practitioners, and visual artists from all over the world to share the most current research findings, domestic and international policy developments, conservation initiatives, and artwork concerning whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Concerned members of the lay community are encouraged to attend and explore a diverse range of cultural, political, and technological issues, as well as stunning artwork. In addition to compelling presentations, the weekend-long event includes a whale- and dolphin-watching trip, book signings, art show, photo contest, poster session and student poster presentation competition, banquet and awards ceremony, and silent auction. The goal of the biennial conference is to promote thoughtful, engaging dialog about the role of conservation, policy, education, and research initiatives focused on whales, dolphins, and their habitats in an ever-changing world, and to leave attendees motivated to work together for the protection of the cetaceans.

ACS conferences are widely considered by many of the world’s most preeminent marine biologists and policy makers to be a foremost venue for galvanizing motivation, professional networking, and promoting collaborative work to advance conservation of cetaceans on a variety of scales, from local to international.

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