ACS-University of Houston-Clear Lake
UHCL students aboard a Houston ferry searching for cetaceans 
The University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) group created awareness and supported conservation efforts to protect cetaceans of the Gulf of Mexico and of the Amazon River. Their passion for cetaceans included their local community and beyond. Student leaders were members of the UHCL Dolphin Research Team led by their adviser, Professor Michael Hunt who was conducting Amazon River dolphin research in addition to local dolphin research. Professor Michael Hunt advised the group and provided training to members on behavioral observation of local dolphins for field work as well as boat safety operations. They worked to engage their community through volunteer conservation work alongside participation in citizen science efforts. Together the students formed a collaboration with the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network as well as the Galveston Sea Turtle Patrol to create opportunities as volunteer days for passionate students at the university. ACS-UHCL students also organized bayou clean ups, documentary film screenings, beach clean ups, and guest speakers.
ACS UHCL students during a wetlands clean up event

President, Ginnie Sandison, with Professor Michael Hunt at the campus expo recruiting new members.