ACS- University of Wisconsin Madison

The ACSSC-UW Madison chapter was founded on love, compassion, and dedication for cetacean conservation by Kara Henderlight (current ACS Advocacy Chair and ACS student alumni). Kara realized the gap in knowledge regarding how communities within the Midwest can affect the ocean, both positively and negatively, and ultimately its denizens. With a background in orca, humpback and fin whale research, and local environmental education and outreach, she combined her experiences to bring a better understanding of these topics. The ACSSC-UW Madison chapter has brought awareness towards water quality, plastic pollution, sustainable seafood, and wild and captive cetacean welfare to their campus and landlocked community. 


"It is our goal to bring land-to-sea stewardship to the Midwest, specifically the University of Wisconsin Madison campus, to conserve and protect cetaceans. Educating, collaborating and actively engaging in the concept of "thinking beyond the watershed, by taking action from within", to narrow the knowledge gap for people of land and fresh water locked states."
The UW-Madison group works with local organizations to volunteer and educate students on campus and in the local community. They regularly organize film screenings, guest lecturers, river clean up events, plastic straw reduction campaigns, and have even organized a world class panel on captivity which brought in top experts in animal research and animal law to discuss this complex issue. 



Michelle Chung

Kara Henderlight